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Your church Fairtrade stall is every 3rd Sunday of the month


St. Cuthbert's is a Fairtrade church. This means we support the work of Fairtrade which is fighting world poverty through the sale of produce. Come and browse our monthly stall - we sell a range of quality groceries and gifts from Traidcraft, a Christian Fairtrade organisation which gets better deals for producers in developing countries. Within church we also use Fairtrade, tea, coffee and sugar to make our refreshments at the end of the service. 

  • Toilet Rolls

  • Sweets

  • Sugar

  • and much, much more.

Some of the things we often sell:


  • Chocolate 

  • Coffee

  • Tea Bags

  • Cookies

  • Breakfast Cereal


We take orders!

If there's something special you want, we can order it for you to pick up at the Sunday stall. Contact Eleanor in church, on a Sunday especially, if stall dates change. 















Your shopping choices can help make to a difference to the lives of adults and children throughout the developing world by buying fair trade products today!



What is Fairtrade?

Many international companies who source goods from developing

countries pay very low prices. This means that the people who

produce the goods and food for us in Europe are trapped in poverty,

while multinationals make huge profits. 

Fairtrade aims to change this, not through charity, but through trade. Products which have the Fairtrade logo are carefully sourced from farmers and workers in the developing world so that they get better prices, fair terms of trade, and have decent working conditions.








Why buy from the church Fairtrade stall?

"But I can buy Faitrade from the supermarket. Why bother with a stall?" 

You can buy Fairtrade goods from supermarkets, but if you buy from the church Fairtrade stall, Traidcraft benefits more than from supermarket sales. 


With that extra money, Traidcraft can invest in changing more people’s lives.


Is Fairtrade stuff actually any good?

Yes! There is a wide range of really high quality goods, including aromatic ground coffee, tempting chocolate, and really tasty breakfast cereals. Many items are also orgnically grown and there are environmentally-friendly household products. It's as good as anything you'll get down the supermarket, if not better. 


What's more, you can be sure that what you buy is not the product of a sweat-shop - your Fairtrade purchase will go to help farmers and producers earn a proper living.

If you're not sure, why not come and try out Fairtrade products and see for yourself?


I can't wait! When is the next Fairtrade stall?

The Fairtrade stall is normally held on the third Sunday of each month. Very occasionally it's not possible to run the stall but it's always announced in the parish notices - just check a couple of days before to make sure. Make sure you contact Eleanor  in church if you wish to order anything from the stall. 


Come and browse at the back of church over coffee!

Traidcraft is a Fairtrade company with Christian values - it's a Christian response to poverty. By trading directly with poor producers, Traidcraft helps them work their way out of poverty. Find out more about Fair Trade. 

Join us in fighting poverty through trade.

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