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Vision 2026


The Blackburn Diocese will be celebrating its centenary in 2026, and it is hoped that by then, an additional 50 congregations will have been established across the diocese.  This will be achieved not only by church planting but also additional congregations being developed in our own churches.


Each parish in the diocese will appoint a vision champion who will ensure that this aim can be reached, by exploring what their parish can do.  There could be changes to our worship patterns, new services to cater for those seeking God but that do not currently worship with us, running enquirers courses and seeking to use our resources better for the community.



‘Healthy Churches Transforming Communities’


We desire to make the Good News about Jesus Christ more widely known, because we believe:

• He is the One who brings ‘life in all its fullness’

• Healthy church communities have a positive and transformative impact on our society.

We will work together to achieve this by:

Making disciples of Jesus Christ

• Knowing the Scriptures better through reading, teaching, preaching and study

• Praying with greater depth and urgency for the Kingdom of God to come

• Giving generously of our time, talents and money to the cause of Christ

Being witnesses to Jesus Christ

• Sharing the Gospel of salvation with confidence

• Holding regular enquirers courses in as many local churches as possible

• Showing God’s love in action through projects that meet a local human need

• Offering thorough and accessible Baptism preparation and follow-up

• Planting or renewing 50 new strategic congregations by 2026

Growing leaders for Jesus Christ

• Supporting and equipping the current leadership for today’s context

• Enabling missional leadership in every Christian community

• Liberating lay leadership for greater participation

• Creating the varied patterns of Sunday and weekday worship necessary to welcome all kinds of people, especially the newcomer

• Prioritising work among children, young people and schools to raise up

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