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Weddings - All You Need To Know

What is marriage?

Marriage is the solemnisation (official recognition) of

a loving relationship, and a sign that this relationship

is blessed by God.

What happens at a wedding?

The details of any service will differ from church to

church – and even between services in the same

church– but the couple will always declare that they

are eligible to marry each other, and will promise to

love and stay faithful to each other for the rest of their

lives. They are blessed by the priest and the marriage

isformally completed with the words “Those whom

God has joined together let no one put asunder”.

Why bother with marriage?

The Church teaches that marriage is the right environment for a loving relationship, and the upbringing of children. It allows the couple to make a public statement of their commitment to each other, and is a potent symbol of their bodily union.

Wedding Costs 

CLICK HERE for a list of wedding costs

Whom do we contact to arrange the wedding?

Fr. Nicholas is responsible for organizing the service. Click here, for details of how to contact him.  Do contact him with any questions you may have.  He will  be happy to  meet with you to discussing details.  

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